Rain Ridden ML Assessment!

Well, did it rain?  Not half!  Wednesday through to Friday was our candidates expedition assessment phase.

Because of the weather forecast I opted for the relative shelter of the Moelwynion range.  We began our walk from Capel Curig and headed towards Moel Siabod.  We traversed the hill on the 600m contour on the Snowdon/Carneddau side, the aim of this was to draw from the candidates the various aids to navigation:

Tick features, aiming off, attack points, backstops, hand railing etc.

This brought us nicely to the large bwlch below the south spur.  The rest of the day was spent following the S to N Moelwynion ridge line and various kinks in contours and mountain features.  Our campsite for night one was the delightfully high and midge free Llyn Edno.  Our only company here was a gaggle of canadian geese, 6 adults and 6 little un’s.  Nice little bouldering wall at the S end stile, mental note to take stickies next time and no pads required.

Day two, we awoke to think fog and drizzle.  This pleased me for once as we had a day of navigation in reduced visibility.  We wandered for several hours on the ridge and high plateau exploring various llyns and hollows before dropping down to Llyn Llagi, our second night’s campsite.  Here we did some re-training on rope work, looked at emergency procedures and listened to a few lecture topics.  At 1700hrs it began to rain, its still not stopped as I type!  Not much sleep.  Some idiots have pulled down part of the wall to build a campfire, if the idiots read this give me a call I have something for you!

Day 3, straight out to Gelli-Lago with a few last minute confirmatory legs in heavy rain.

All in all quite an arduous 3 days.  Well done to all the candidates.