MIA Refresher

Rock Climbing in June! you would of thought that there would be one nice day surely?

Well thats what James and Stubbsey thought when they booked there 3 day MIA refresher course! To North Wales they came and after introductions and a good chat on goals for the 3 days we headed off to Bochlwydd Buttress to ease our selves into things, James Chose Marble slab to warm up on and breezed up the first pitch where i joined him, with Stubbsey on his way up we revised and refreshed a few simple rescues to blow out the cobwebs then complicated things somewhat on the 2nd pitch! rescues and problem solving remained the theme for the day and things got a wee bit more fruity on the slightly steeper Bochlwydd eliminate with Stubbsey on the sharp end!

With the demise of the Weather we moved onto refreshing the skills for a mountain/Scrambling day and headed unto the east face of Tryfan, starting off on an ascent of bastow buttress then descent techniques on Nor Nor gully, during the day there was much talk of Dragons, Giants and the flora and fauna of snowdonia which did distract from the horrible conditions a little!

Day 3 was spent navigating around the more complex terrain within the park and perfecting navigational strategies and methods of teaching nav the use of relief and the adaptation of naismiths rule for the mountains! in all a great 3 days that should stand the guys in good stead for there upcoming assessment!