Medics In The Gorge!

Medics in the gorge, but for all the right reasons!  Yesterday found us guiding a group of Army medics up the Afon Ddu.

A nice early start found us first in the river, beating the hoards of school kids.  Good move, when we finished the car park was absolutely chock a block.

Anyway!  Safety brief done, I quizzed the group on aspirations and fears for the day and off we went.  A little time was spent looking at the Afon Ddu information board.  This is a great feature and gives a good focal point to educate folk on flora and fauna, geology and wildlife.  We continued these subjects throughout our session.

Stepping into the water we looked at movement up the river, how to gain foot purchase, spotting each other and the passage of information.  Into our first team task (not giving these away)!  The team coped reasonably well for the first task of the day.  Next up total immersion, the aim here was to show no emotion to the cold water upon rising to the surface!  They sort of managed it!!  Roped up the first waterfall and we are off again.  The tasks rattled by with the team coping and becoming more efficient with every challenge.

The temperature in the gorge was really warm, as we began the final climb to the top plunge pool I personally was looking forward to another immersion.  The entire group found the courage to do the jumps.  The end of day review indicated that this was the highlight for most.  All were buzzing.  The steep walk down really highlighted how much unknowing ascent we had achieved.  Well done to everyone.