An Intro to Trad

With another day of fantastic weather we headed to Holyhead mountain with 2 clients for an intro to North Wales Trad climbing, both clients had a little experiance of indoor climbing and some outdoor bolt clipping and were super keen to learn the basics of the dark art of Trad!

We started off with a workshop on gear placement, belay building and a little bit of stance management and then chose a nice route on Ramp C to start us off (pigeon hole crack S4a) i led the way lacing the route up to give the guys plenty of practice of removing and re-placing the gear, when my second reached me he built his own belay then brought the third up, we continued on this theme for the rest of the morning switching seconds each time and throwing a few more complicated stances.

After lunch we headed over to the Alcove to try some slightly more technical climbing and tackled Teaser vs4c and Laceration vs 5a, on these routes we were joined by a pair of swooping Choughs which added to the already great day, Tomorrow we are going to put all the new found skills into practice with the guys going on the sharp end with there first trad leads!