Coasteering Session

Had good weather and near perfect tide conditions today at Porth Dafarch.  19 Army Recruiting Team made a booking with the intention of promoting teamwork and personal development.  Judging by their comments at the end of session review the aim was fully achieved.

We arrived on Holy Island at 10 o’clock just after high tide to sunshine and about 2ft of swell.  The group got suited and booted and looked out to sea wide eyed.  We discussed what to expect from the day and I coaxed out the group’s expectations, fears and what they perceived to look forward to.  With all the safety briefs out of the way we headed North up the coastline to our entry point.  On the way the group was educated to local history, flora, fauna and a guide to the mountain panorama of Snowdonia to the South.

Enough of talking, time to get wet!  The session began with backdrops the aim of this was two-fold – an icebreaker and to get the wetsuits submersed and working effectively.  There were a few squeals upon gaining the first total immersion of the day.  Moving round 100m we visited body positions for deep water entries then straight into 1, 2, and 3m jumps.  The group also received coaching on dealing with the swell and techniques to gain the rocks from the water.

Onwards.  Doggy paddling through the boulder fields.  Confidence now sky high we pushed on to the 4m jumps, 2 jumps each across the zawn and before we know it we’re on the final jumps buttress.  3 jumps were presented to the group, the highest being approx 12m today because of the high tide.  The guys and girls did brilliantly, all went to the biggest jump and most managed to commit to airborne status!

On the way back to the beach we continued the backdrop theme eventually all emerging on the beach at Porth Dafarch as one group.  The entire group were buzzing and can’t wait for a return visit to Snowdonia.  Perhaps a gorge session guys?  Well done all.