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Bouldering with a Wad!!

Great days Bouldering with a group looking to improve their climbing technique and body awareness, as an inspirational extra we employed the help of James McHaffie (Wad) to help out! We started off at the RAC boulders in glorious sunshine and got straight down to working on precise accurate footwork and weight transfer on the easy angle warm up slab. The group progressed quickly and moved away from the banging and scuffing style and began to flow nicely across the rock!

We soon moved onto some steeper terrain and introduced some body management and awareness techniques that would help take the weight from there arms and channel it through to there feet, at first the guys found this difficult but soon realised the benefits and began to climb much smoother with better energy efficiency. the day was progressing nicely and we introduced some fun problems for the group to play with! At the mid afternoon stage we decided to move venue and headed off to the Cromlech boulders to introduce some other more advanced techniques, hear we played with hand jams,heel hooks and effective crimping!

What a fantastic days climbing with lots of inspiration and many projects to work on!

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