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Bouldering - Tour

Bouldering, for the uninitiated, is rock climbing without ropes. Whaaaa? we hear you scream… Relax! As the name suggests, you only do short climbs over big boulders, with a crash mat to catch you if you fall. Boulders are big, bad puzzles, a physical and mental challenge on how to go up and over. Yep, bouldering is bonkers…and brilliantly good fun!

Snowdonia is world-famous for its bouldering. We take you to the classic problems in the best areas and advise you on the lines that are within your ability. You’ll be coached on how best to nail the route! If that’s not enough fun, why not let us arrange a bouldering competition between your mates? We will bring scorecards, judge and present the prizes!

Price: £80 pp a day!