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Experiential Learning

Research shows that experiential learning – where learning is based on experiences (doing) – is far more effective and lasting than the classroom (hearing) approach to development.

Our courses are designed to optimise values, standards and skills through experiential learning.

Experiential learning provides a powerful way of engaging participants. It is motivating and has an impact. Individuals and teams learn through what they experience and what they encounter. Using our outdoor activities, learning takes place in an environment where actions have real outcomes and consequences. It stimulates problem solving, communication and decision-making. Additionally it energises, inspires learning method, and encourages enquiry, experimentation, and evaluation.

The reviewing process makes the experience transformational, allowing the participant to transfer their newfound skills and use them back in the work environment.

Challenge by Choice

Individuals will be challenged and encouraged throughout the structured day, however no undue pressure is ever placed on them to undertake an activity. It is anticipated that most individuals will rise to the challenge. If by choice they choose to opt out of specific areas, fine. We move on to the next.

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